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Premium generated collectibles that celebrate, inspire, and galvanize your inner wacko.

Each Wacko Worm incorporates unique traits hand-drawn by the legendary NFT artist Hideo — in demand worldwide
for his clever, unique, and critically acclaimed digital art. With over 100 million potential outcomes, this collection
will feature the best of the best.

Documentary Film Documentary Film

Our team has been documenting our journey as we create this collection for you.

On mint day, we will release a revealing documentary film that captures our process “behind-the-scenes.”

The film will document – in unprecedented detail – how we put it all together: how we developed the idea, raised financing, put our team together, and how we landed a digital artist whose collections have traded for millions.

FREE WACKO BONUS: rewards given to Wacko Worms holders each time the film reaches viewership milestones starting at 10,000 views!

As film views increase, so does the potential floor price.

Benefits Benefits

As you become a member of our wacko worms community, you can indulge in a variety of exclusive perks.

Complete ownership of your NFT

Access to exclusive streetwear collabs and private real-world events.

Giveaways linked to film viewership goals

Story Story

Although the Wacko Worms will soon abide fruitfully on the Ethereum blockchain, this wasn’t always a possibility. The worms of yesteryear originated on Planet Lumbricus, a moon of Neptune, under a grim king named Opisthopora. Lumbricus was a place of regulations and fear under King Opisthopora -- song, dance, colors, and laughter were banned.

The story goes that a group of prolific worms created an underground channel for art and film until their ingenuity became too explosive, and eventually a furious King Opisthopora catapulted these visionaries from Planet Lumbricus. The creatures spiraled through the atmosphere for lightyears, until they finally fell into our planet's orbit during Earth’s most recent circle around the sun.

The repressed worms of Planet Lumbricusare now free, squirming their way to Earth and the Ethereum blockchain so they can be filmmakers and artists... a group of worms otherwise known to the greater public as the Wacko Worms.

Roadmap Roadmap


Phase 1

  • Community Building
  • Organic Marketing Growth Tactics
  • Project, Celebrity, & Influencer Partnerships prepped for mint
  • 100 held in reserve for marketing, partnerships, etc
  • WackoList status given to those who are extremely active
  • Giveaways and Community Challenges

Phase 2

  • Public mint
  • Film is released
  • Holders get exclusive talks with the founders about our story
  • Exclusive AMAs with some of the most respected business leaders in the world
  • Invites to real-world events
  • Holders receive rewards as the film reaches benchmark viewership goals

Phase 3

  • Magic. (early reveal in Discord)

Team Team


Ben Klein

Co-Founder & Content Specialist

Kofi Asante


Nadav Herstik





Smart Contract Developer


What are Wacko Worms NFTs?

The Wacko Worms are a collection of digital art NFTs hand-drawn by Hideo. They exist on the Ethereum blockchain.

Why purchase a Wacko Worms NFT?

By purchasing a Wacko Worms NFT, you are instantly a part of a community that encourages being different, taking creative risks, and embracing your inner wacko. You also have complete ownership of your owned worm(s) to be used however you like. Our founders have been filming their progress as they put the project together, and will release a documentary about the collection’s Web3 journey on the day of its public sale – holders will receive rewards, giveaways, and many surprises as the film reaches benchmark viewership goals.

Who is Hideo?

Hideo is our masterful NFT artist who has dropped some of the most successful, sold out, and visually stunning projects of all time. His past projects include dino pals, celestial cyclones, undead wyverns, legends of metaterra, and more.

What does the mint and reveal timeline look like?

Mint will be in October.

Reveal will occur within 48 hours of mint

What is the cost to mint?


How many NFTs can be minted per wallet?


Will there be varying rarities of NFTs?

Every NFT will have a unique rarity score. Some traits will be more valuable than others, and Hideo has made a significant number of hand-drawn 1/1s that will be randomly assigned to our community members.

What blockchain will the Wacko Worms NFTs be on?


Can I buy a Wacko Worms NFT using a credit card

Yes! Using crossmint technology, you can buy a Wacko Worm using currency via a credit card.

What is Crossmint?

Crossmint is a tool we are using to accept credit card payments. It enables anyone to mint an NFT in 1 minute using their gmail and credit card. No wallet or crypto required.

How do I access the NFT I purchased?

You can access your NFTs at any time. Simply navigate to crossmint.io sign in, and click the profile button (your username) in the upper right corner.

Can I transfer my NFT to a different wallet?

You can choose to keep your NFTs in your Crossmint wallet or to send them to your own wallet, such as Phantom for Solana or MetaMask for Ethereum.

To do so, go to your profile on crossmint.io, find the NFT you would like to export, and tap the Export button.

Please note that NFT exports may take 1 business day to complete.

What payment methods are available with Crossmint?

With Crossmint, you can buy using a credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay

Who owns the NFTs purchased using Crossmint?

NFTs purchased via Pay with Crossmint are 100% yours. Crossmint provides the convenience of accessing them by using your email address or social credentials. You can also export them to another wallet if you wish to hold direct custody of them.